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kristen marie studio, local baltimore artist, abstract artist, frederick maryland abstract artist

Kristen Marie is a Baltimore based artist. She creates custom, one-of-a-kind commissioned works that embody and complement each client.  Each timeless piece begins as an original painting created in her light-filled home studio.  


Kristen's sculptural approach to her creations is a reflection of a conversation between her and the blank canvas.  She begins with an intuitive, quick layer to create the bones.  She then pauses to hear the voice of each piece, eventually adding layers, until both, Kristen and the canvas, feel complete.  Kristen uses subtle palette changes to enhance each piece, with a particular affinity for Payne's gray, pure white, reflected light, and golf leaf.

She is deeply inspired by the details of both nature and the human spirit, and has always been fascinated by how we are all connected by the beautifully simple phenomenon of cause and effect-ignite a spark to fuel a flame; handwrite a letter to send a little light.

image of words we are all connected
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